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April 27, 2009 - ShirleyBOARD’s online network for caregivers can make the whole process a little easier (Gray Times)

If you’re a caregiver for a family member, you know all the challenges — emotional, logistical, financial. You often struggle to balance the demands of your life with the necessity of managing their care. And keeping everyone in the informational loop — family members, medical professionals, home care providers — can be a nightmare. It is even more problematic if you live miles away from your loved one and are trying to keep up to date on their care. You either have to deal with care providers from a distance or you have to uproot the person your caring for from a support group of friends so you can coordinate care locally... Read More >

November 19, 2007 - ShirleyBOARD Makes Distance Less of a Factor For Many Caregivers This Holiday Season

38.7 million Americans will travel 50 miles or more from home this holiday season according to AAA. For many of these people the holiday season is a chance to visit elderly loved ones and catch up on news of their health and well being. But many senior caregivers are keeping in touch and staying involved with their loved ones year-round, even from great distances... Read More >

October 17, 2007 - Enlightens Caregivers On Elderly Home Care Choices

Choosing the right living environment for an aging loved one is a big decision for any caregiver. Many factors should be considered including the level of care your loved one needs or will need in the future, what he/she can afford, and his/her lifestyle preferences... Read More >

September 19, 2007 - Elder Caregiving Site Wins WebAward for Outstanding Online Community

The ShirleyBOARD website,, has been recognized by the Web Marketing Association (WMA) for Outstanding Achievement in Website Development by being honored with the Online Community Standard of Excellence WebAward Designation... Read More >

August 9, 2007 - Recommends Caregivers Plan Now For Legal and Financial Responsibilities Of Senior Aged Loved Ones

When caring for an aging loved one, financial and legal concerns are never easy to deal with. But having to deal with them or having to guess at your loved one’s desires during a medical emergency, especially when caring for them from a long distance away, is distressing and frustrating. That’s why it’s critical to take care of these things early on when your loved one is healthy and mentally competent... Read More >

July 16, 2007 - Ten Caregiver Tips To A Safe Home Environment For Aging Loved Ones Offered by

Each year in the United States, more than a third of adults age 65 and older experience a fall with potentially dangerous consequences. According to the Center for Disease Control, falls are the leading cause of injury-related deaths and most common cause of nonfatal injuries among older adults in the home. Caregivers who watch out for their loved ones from a distance can actually help prevent accidents by taking a few precautionary steps when they are visiting. Here are ten simple things you can do to make your loved one’s home a safer place to live: Read More >

June 25, 2007 -'s Patient Journal Helps Caregivers Connect with Family Regarding the Health of Their Aging Loved Ones

Almost everyone knows someone older who needs a helping hand. And with the U.S. population aging and experiencing increasing numbers of age-related diseases like Alzheimer's, more people are becoming unofficial “caregivers” to elderly friends, relatives and neighbors. Fortunately, for the scores of remote caregivers who are in this difficult situation, there is a free new service called The web site enables caregivers to centrally store important information, keep a log of daily activities, and network with other caregivers. Caregivers decide who has access to certain information.’s most popular feature is the Patient Journal, which even has a “tagging” feature so caregivers can quickly retrieve journal entries on particular topics. Read More >

May 15, 2007 -
New Web Site Provides Help to People Caring for Older Americans: Site Makes Patient’s Information Easy to Manage and Connects Users with Other Long-Distance Caregivers

Close to 6 million Americans live more than an hour away from an aging parent or loved one that they are caring for. This number will increase, as by 2030 one of every five Americans will be over age 65. These valiant caregivers find themselves responsible for communicating with doctors and family members, coordinating medical appointments, monitoring prescriptions, managing insurance claims and much more on behalf of their aging loved ones. All this while simultaneously trying to live their own lives and raise their own families... Read More >

May 2, 2007 -
Free Help For Those Taking Care Of Elderly Loved Ones

Almost everyone knows someone older who needs a helping hand. And with the U.S. population aging and experiencing increasing numbers of age-related diseases like Alzheimer's, more people are becoming unofficial “caregivers” to elderly friends, relatives and neighbors. But taking care of a loved one can be far from simple. Studies show that many caregivers already work fulltime and live more than an hour from the person for whom they care. Trying to coordinate medical appointments, monitor and fill prescriptions, and manage insurance claims can be daunting... Read More >

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